John Murray · Apr 22, 2016 1m read

Huge icon on Atelier's Help menu

I'm using Atelier 1.0.145 on Windows (x64). When I open the Help menu from the menubar the final entry (About Atelier) has a huge version of the Atelier icon alongside it. This distorts the menu. I can't post a screenshot here because my simplistic screen capture tool causes the faulty menu to close. But the large icon I see is also (correctly) displayed on the About box itself:

This isn't a new problem in build 145. I also had it in earlier ones and had been holding off from reporting it, assuming that it had already been noticed by someone at ISC.

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This is a known issue - we will address it shortly. Thanks, John!

- Joyce

Hi John, this issue has been resolved. You will be able to see a fix in the next update.

- Joyce

Any idea when we can expect the next update? I don't mind the oversize menu icon, but it's more than two weeks since "Check for updates" in Atelier gave me anything new.

There is an issue with Export that is being resolved, so we haven't posted any update yet. We will only release an update when we determine that there are no significant regressions and that enhanced functionality is available - we are working hard towards that goal. Thanks for your patience John!

- Joyce

For the information of anyone watching this thread, 1.0.158 appeared on the update site within the past 24 hours. It resolves the huge icon issue, and probably contains some other goodies too.