· May 21, 2018

How is your code health

As a developer, usually I'm concerned about how my code health is, and how the other coders code can affect to my own work.  And I'm quite sure most of us feel very similar.

In our company we use a Static Code Analysis tool to analyze code for different languages to ensure we are writing high quality and easily maintainable code by following a few best practices in terms of code structure and content. And the question was: why should be different for Caché ObjectScript language?

Given lack of support from any popular Static Code Analysis tools, we developed a Caché ObjectScript analyzer which can be deployed on your preferred SCA tool. We decided to deploy on SonarQube by default, and take advantage of the features in the platform "just" feeding our analysis results:

  • Centralized dashboard to manage hundreds of projects
  • Rule-Based defect detection
  • Mechanism to track issues raised against coding rules
  • Configurable Quality Profiles to create rulesets that provide the right level of analysis depending on the type of project and the quality objectives
  • Drilldowns, hotspots and other hunting services
  • Comparison with various versions of software
  • Quickly identify addition of new technical debt
  • Avoid Duplicated Code
  • Keep Code Complexity Low
  • Enforce Coding Standards
  • Eradicate Bugs
  • ... and much more

It's some time since we released our first version of cachéQuality, and we are glad today it has a high mature degree on the market. Also, now you can obtain your subscription or license directly from the website.

We will appreciate you explain us your code analysis needs and expectations, so we can explain how cachéQuality can help your development team in your context.

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