· Jan 5, 2018

How to use %XML.Node

I have read here  and tried to use the supplied examples to see what they do but keep on getting error please advice:

Method GetXMLDocFromFile(file = "C:test2.xml") As %XML.Document
    set reader=##class(%XML.Reader).%New()
    set status=reader.OpenFile(file)
    if $$$ISERR(status) {do $System.Status.DisplayError(status) quit $$$NULLOREF}
    set document=reader.Document
    set reNo=##class(%XML.Node).%New()//check here
    set reNo.Document=document//check here
    do ..ShowNamespaces(document)
    do ..ShowNode(reNo)//check here
    quit document
Method ShowNamespaces(doc As %XML.Document)
    Set count=doc.CountNamespace()
    Write !, "Number of namespaces in document: "_count
    For i=1:1:count {
        Write !, "Namespace "_i_" is "_doc.GetNamespace(i)
//how to use the below method

Method ShowNode(node As %XML.Node)
    Write !,"LocalName="_node.LocalName
    If node.NodeType=$$$xmlELEMENTNODE  {
        Write !,"Namespace="_node.Namespace
    If node.NodeType=$$$xmlELEMENTNODE {
        Write !,"NamespaceIndex="_node.NamespaceIndex
    Write !,"Nil="_node.Nil
    Write !,"NodeData="_node.NodeData
    Write !,"NodeId="_node.NodeId
    Write !,"NodeType="_node.NodeType
    Write !,"QName="_node.QName
    Write !,"HasChildNodes returns "_node.HasChildNodes()
    Write !,"GetNumberAttributes returns "_node.GetNumberAttributes()
    Set status=node.GetText(.text)
    If status {
        Write !, "Text of the node is "_text
        } else {
            Write !, "GetText does not return text"

the error I am getting is as follows:<UNDEFINED>zGetXMLDocFromFile+5^XMLToDyna.3 *reNo.If you check where I highlighted in red I have defined reNo so where am I going wrong

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As Eduard already pointed out there is just no need to use %XML.Node as %XML.Document inherits it already

I have elaborated your code also to cover Attributes and Chlidren in the document.
and added some readability features.

To some extend  %XML.TextReader could have done the same.

No need to copy the code from browser the class + test data is attached.  

Class XML.J [ Abstract ]

ClassMethod GetXMLDocFromFile(file = "C:\InterSystems\Cache\mgr\user\Test.xml") As %XML.Document
    set reader=##class(%XML.Reader).%New()
    set status=reader.OpenFile(file)
    if $$$ISERR(status) {do $System.Status.DisplayError(status) quit $$$NULLOREF}
#dim document as %XML.Document
    set document=reader.Document
 #; set reNo=##class(%XML.Node).%New() //check here
 #; set reNo.Document=document //check here
 #; do ..ShowNode(reNo)
    do ..ShowNamespaces(document)
#dim node as %XML.Node
    set %lev=0
    set node=document.GetDocumentElement()
    do ..Analyze(node)
    quit document

ClassMethod Analyze(node As %XML.Node)
    set hasChild =..ShowNode(node)
    set attribute=node.FirstAttributeName()
    while attribute'="" {
            do ..ShowAttribute(.attribute,node)
    if hasChild {
        set tSC=node.MoveToFirstChild(1)
        if tSC , $i(%lev) {
            while tSC {
                do ..Analyze(node)
                set tSC=node.MoveToNextSibling(1)
            do node.MoveToParent() if $i(%lev,-1)

ClassMethod ShowAttribute(ByRef attribute, node As %XML.Node)
   write !?(%lev+1*3),"Attribute_Name ",attribute
        ,!?(%lev+1*3),"Atribute_Value ",node.GetAttributeValue(attribute)
#; more to be added here
    set attribute=node.NextAttributeName(attribute)

ClassMethod ShowNamespaces(doc As %XML.Document)
    Set count=doc.CountNamespace()
    Write !, "Number of namespaces in document: "_count
    For i=1:1:count {
        Write !, "Namespace "_i_" is "_doc.GetNamespace(i)

// how to use the below method

ClassMethod ShowNode(node As %XML.Node) As %Boolean
    If node.NodeType=$$$xmlELEMENTNODE  {
        Write !?(%lev*3),"LocalName="_node.LocalName
#; Write !,"Namespace="_node.Namespace
#; }
#; If node.NodeType=$$$xmlELEMENTNODE {
#; Write !,"NamespaceIndex="_node.NamespaceIndex
        Write !?(%lev*3),"Nil="_node.Nil
        Write !?(%lev*3),"NodeData="_node.NodeData
        Write !?(%lev*3),"QName="_node.QName
    Write !?(%lev*3),"NodeId="_node.NodeId
    Write !?(%lev*3),"NodeType="_node.NodeType
    Write !?(%lev*3),"HasChildNodes returns "_node.HasChildNodes()
    If node.NodeType=$$$xmlELEMENTNODE {
        Write !?(%lev*3),"GetNumberAttributes returns "_node.GetNumberAttributes()
        Set status=node.GetText(.text)
          If status {
           Write !?(%lev*3), "Text of the node is "_$tr(text,$c(10))
            else {
                Write !?(%lev*3), "GetText does not return text"
    quit node.HasChildNodes()