· Jan 25, 2021

How to use other terminals


I don't like the default terminal very much because it can't change the window size freely.

How to use CMD or PowerShell?

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There are a couple of options. You can install Putty which allows you to connect to IRIS and behaves exactly like terminal but I suspect you will run into similar size constraints.

The other option and the one that I like an use all the time is call Web Terminal and is available in the Open Exchange.

Essentially, once you have downloaded the Web Terminal xml file and imported it into Cache/Ensemble/IRIS (it doesn't matter which namespace) you can then open your browser and type in http://server:port/terminal/ and you will be presented witha login popup where you enter your cache credentials and then you have a fully functional terminal running in your browser, in colour, with intellisense so as you start typing in class names it will auto suggest the rest of the class/property/method names, you can also run an sql shell.

Just one word of advice, if on very rare occasions the browser tab freezes and refreshing the page does not resolve the problem and you end up killing the tab or the browser then it is possible that the process that was created on your cache server for the terminal connection may be left orphaned and I have yet to work out a way of reconnecting to that process id (PID) and you may have to kill the process on the server.

Apart from that it is a great alternative to terminal and I have been using it for some years now and almost never use cache terminal or putty.