· Mar 15, 2017

How to unlock a namespace/environment?

This is from CCR: 

... Lock this environment to prevent changes? [yes]
... AdminLock this environment ... [yes]

How can I view these locks and change them? Either via terminal or %CSP.Portal.Home.zen interface?

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See the Documatic for the following methods in %Studio.SourceControl.ISC:

classmethod Lock(Admin As %Boolean = 0) as %Status

Lock the source control hooks for this instance.

The default setting will be "Locked". Passing a '1' for the Admin parameter will set the instance to AdminLocked.

See Locked for more details.

classmethod Locked() as %String

Returns value that shows whether or not this instance is "Locked"

Return values are:

  • "": Instance has never been Locked or Unlocked (default)
  • 0: Instance is Unlocked
  • 1: Instance is Locked
  • 2: Instance is AdminLocked

When the instance is Locked or AdminLocked, no changes can be made via Studio. It is possible to change from Locked to NotLocked via different UIs. When an instance is AdminLocked it should only be possible to unlock it via the Unlock method.

classmethod Unlock() as %Status

Unlock the source control hooks for this instance.

The lock controls the source control hooks, so anything relying on the hooks should prevent changes to items under source control.  Parts of the Ensemble Management Portal and the DeepSee portal tie in the hooks for that namespace, so I can see there being a possible interplay there.  I have never used the "Deploy Production Changes" utility so I can't say for certain if the source control lock is coming into play there.

You should work through this with Managed Services to find a resolution.