· Jul 1, 2021

How to take BackUp database From One server to another server on daily basis?


we need to take backup from alpha to dev environment on daily basis by automatic. Anyone please help?

Product version: Caché 2017.1
$ZV: Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2017.2.2 (Build 867_4) Fri Apr 24 2020 17:47:10 EDT
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Hello Subramaniyan,

If you can have a downtime for the DB, than you could write a script that dismount the DB, FTP it to another server and mount it again. This of course depends on the DB size and your network speed.

If a downtime is not possible, I would recommend doing a "hot backup" then copy (or FTP) it to another server and restore it. Another option is to use "external backup" with using a "freeze" & "Thaw" to ensure data integrity.

Further information:

From the documentation: "The best strategies for backing up databases are external backup and online backup." External backup involves external scripts (examples are included in the documentation, but do not show actually taking the backup, as that is done by 3rd party technology). This is generally the best way to take backups. Online backups can be configured and run from within Caché. All the various backup strategies, and details about how to use them, are available here: