Ben Spead · Sep 8, 2021

How to set High Priority on a %Net.MailMessage object?

Does anyone know how to set an email as High priority when it is sent using a %Net.MailMessage object?  Somehow I can't seem to put my finger on it.


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HI Ben, 

I believe this is implemented specifically on each mail server and client, so there is no standard for it: See for details

You can set these headers, but there's no guarantee the client or receiving server will take note of them



Thanks Chris!  Interesting article and it got me what I needed  :)  I ended up writing and testing the same thing as Muhammad posted for an answer and it works for Outlook (which is good enough for me for now)

Thanks again!

Hi Ben Spead,

You can set priority by adding additional headers such as X-Priority and others. e.g:

 do msg.Headers.SetAt(1,"X-Priority")
 do msg.Headers.SetAt("High","X-MSMail-Priority")
 do msg.Headers.SetAt("High","Importance")