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How to see in sql explorer not the id of a property but a meaningful field of this object property

It is probably somewhere in the doc. So hard to search. Hope InterSystems going to AI on their community/support data. 

How to see a meaningful value in management portal - sql explorer. For instance
Class MySetting Extends %Persistent{
     Property Name As %String;

Class MyObj Extends %Persistent{
    Property Setting As MySetting;

When browsing MyObj in management portal (just select * from MyObj - lazy to do a join), I will see 1,2.. values in the Setting column. I would like to see the Name. I do not want index MySetting with Name as primary as the name can change

Thank for your comment.

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 Guessing after the rater unclear description you are looking for Implicit Join

->  mimic an arrow in plain ASCII  does that

SELECT MySetting -> Name  from MyObj