Robert Cemper · Aug 30, 2020

How to Restart SMP server

Caused by a conflict in the port assignment I get this  entry in mesages.log and SMP doesn't respond:

08/30/20-12:56:40:714 (15232) 1 [Utility.Event] Private webserver may not start on port 52773, may be in use by another instance
08/30/20-12:56:40:737 (15232) 0 [Utility.Event] Private webserver started on 52773

The first line is true, the second is just wishful thinking sad

How can I restart my SMP server without a full stop/restart sequence of IRIS? 

demo code in OpenExchange



1 0 6 203
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There was no quick shot from the hip out of the community to help me.
So I went to dig into the subject myself and found an acceptable solution.
The result is now available on Open Exchange and it is also LINUX / UNIX aware and not just for windows

The link doesn't work.  Also note my other response, there is actually an API for that already. 

this is a feature of OEX.
The link only works after the application was approved. some times in the future.
After a long day without reaction I didn't expect a fast reply

in the meanwhile the link to GitHub: 

Now it's approved! 

Yes, the review process in OEX takes human time and sometimes it's not immediate) 

@Robert Cemper, thanks again for yet-another useful contribution to the community!

@Evgeny Shvarov 
I appreciate that process with  HUMAN verification. 
And there was never any issue with the other  35 applications.
As a massive user, I state:  II is just OK as it is !  Pls. don't change!