Robert Cemper · Aug 30, 2020 1m read

How to Restart SMP server

Caused by a conflict in the port assignment I get this  entry in mesages.log and SMP doesn't respond:

08/30/20-12:56:40:714 (15232) 1 [Utility.Event] Private webserver may not start on port 52773, may be in use by another instance
08/30/20-12:56:40:737 (15232) 0 [Utility.Event] Private webserver started on 52773

The first line is true, the second is just wishful thinking sad

demo code on GitHub

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There was no quick shot from the hip out of the community to help me.
So I went to dig into the subject myself and found an acceptable solution.
The result is now available on Open Exchange and it is also LINUX / UNIX aware and not just for windows

The link doesn't work.  Also note my other response, there is actually an API for that already. 

Now it's approved! 

Yes, the review process in OEX takes human time and sometimes it's not immediate) 

@Robert Cemper, thanks again for yet-another useful contribution to the community!

@Evgeny Shvarov 
I appreciate that process with  HUMAN verification. 
And there was never any issue with the other  35 applications.
As a massive user, I state:  II is just OK as it is !  Pls. don't change!