Vineeth Jagannathan · Oct 12, 2017

How to receive the response in the Body when sending file using restful post method.

I am sending a file in Postman and receiving a status 200OK. but i need to get the response in the body too. I have Implemented the class %CSP.REST to get the %request and %response. There is no default method to invoke and post the content via %Response class. Can any one suggest me the sample code for that.

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Below is a class method that returns details of a Contact.  Note the line that that is highlighted below.  Basically any output written from your REST Classmethod becomes part of the body of the response.  So the WRITE of the output of %ToJSON() puts a JSON object in the response body.

ClassMethod ContactDetail(ContactID As %String) As %Status
    #dim %response as %CSP.Response
    #dim %request as %CSP.Request
    #dim ContactItem as WebREST.Data.Contact
    #dim ActionItem as WebREST.Data.Actions
    set tSC = $System.Status.OK()
    Try {
        if ContactID {
            set ObjSC = ""
            set ContactItem = ##Class(WebREST.Data.Contact).%OpenId(ContactID,,.ObjSC)
            if $System.Status.IsError(ObjSC) {
                // test for object not found error
                if $System.Status.GetErrorCodes(ObjSC) = "5809" {
                    set %response.Status = ..#HTTP404NOTFOUND
                } else {
                    throw ##class(%Exception.StatusException).CreateFromStatus(ObjSC)
            } else {
                set ResponseObj = {}
                set ResponseObj.ContactID = ContactItem.ContactID
                set ResponseObj.FirstName = ContactItem.FirstName
                set ResponseObj.LastName = ContactItem.LastName
                set ResponseObj.Position = ContactItem.Position
                set ResponseObj.Company = ContactItem.Company.Name
                set ResponseObj.Phone = ContactItem.Phone
                set Address = {}
                set Address.Street = ContactItem.Address.Street
                set Address.City = ContactItem.Address.City
                set Address.State = ContactItem.Address.State
                set Address.PostalCode = ContactItem.Address.PostalCode
                set ResponseObj.Address = Address
                set ResponseObj.Agent = ContactItem.Agent.Name
                // now load each action into an array
                set Actions = []
                set ActionKey = ""
                do {
                    set ActionResponse = {}
                    set ActionItem = ContactItem.Actions.GetNext(.ActionKey)
                    if ActionItem '= "" {
                        set ActionResponse.ActionType = ActionItem.ActionType
                         set ActionResponse.DueDate = $zdate(ActionItem.DueDate,3)
                        set ActionResponse.Notes = ActionItem.Notes
                         set ActionResponse.Complete = ActionItem.Complete
                        set ActionResponse.Agent = ActionItem.Agent.Name
                        do Actions.%Push(ActionResponse)
                } while ActionKey '= ""
                set ResponseObj.Actions = Actions
                Write ResponseObj.%ToJSON()
        } else {
            set %response.Status = ..#HTTP400BADREQUEST
    } catch Exception {
        set tSC = Exception.AsStatus()

    Quit tSC

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Just output the data you need to the current device, for example:

Write "It works"