· Sep 20, 2017

How to program a schedule for an adapterless service

Hi world,

i want to program a schedule for my adapterless business service , i found a method "test" in "Ens.ScheduleHandler" but i don't know how i program it for my service can be invoked each one houre by day .

i'm waiting for your help because it's the key for my application .

i don't like to use ensemble portal.


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there is an easy solution to your issue. Simply use a Cache Task Manager. Create a new task, and within code, instantiate Ensemble service Ens.Director,


Set tSC=##class(Ens.Director).CreateBusinessService("your service configration name",.tService)

If ($$$ISERR(tSC)) Quit
Set tSC=tService.ProcessInput(%request,.output)
If ($$$ISERR(tSC)) Quit
If $IsObject($G(output)) {

   // do whatever you want here