How to pass SOAP response back to Sender

I have an XML I am sending to an operation from a BPL.  This is a query for Patient information from Epic using a web service.  I created the operation using the add-in in Studio.  I setup the BPL to do a Call and send whatever data I receive from the client.  I get a response back from Epic with a list of matching Patients.  In the BPL I am trying to use the Response Builder to pass the response ID, name, DOB, etc. to matching context items to then pass to the client as a response.  I get the following error within the call:

ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <PROPERTY DOES NOT EXIST>zOnResponse1+2 ^FCH.BPL.PATWISJSONEPICXML.Context.1 *IDs,%Collection.ListOfObj -- logged as '-'
number - @''


From what I can tell the IDs is in the definition but because the response can be multiple responses that I need to handle it.  I am stuck on how I need to setup the context items and/or how to read the response when there is the possibility of multiple responses.

Class FCH.Response.PatientLookupResponse Extends Ens.Response [ ProcedureBlock ]
Property PatientLookupResult As Patient.Patient.PatientLookupResponse;


/// Created from:
Class Patient.Patient.PatientLookupResponse Extends (%SerialObject, %XML.Adaptor) [ ProcedureBlock ]


Parameter NAMESPACE = "urn:Epic-com:EMPI.2012.Services.Patient";

Parameter XMLNAME = "Patient.PatientLookupResponse";

Parameter XMLSEQUENCE = 1;

Parameter XMLTYPE = "Patient.PatientLookupResponse";

Property Patients As list Of Patient.Patient(XMLITEMNAME = "Patient", XMLNAME = "Patients", XMLPROJECTION = "COLLECTION");


/// Created from:
Class Patient.Patient Extends (%SerialObject, %XML.Adaptor) [ ProcedureBlock ]


Parameter NAMESPACE = "urn:Epic-com:EMPI.2012.Services.Patient";

Parameter XMLNAME = "Patient";

Parameter XMLSEQUENCE = 1;

Property Addresses As list Of Patient.Address(XMLITEMNAME = "Address", XMLNAME = "Addresses", XMLPROJECTION = "COLLECTION");

Property Aliases As Patient.q1.ArrayOfstring(XMLNAME = "Aliases");

Property CareTeam As list Of Patient.CareTeamMember(XMLITEMNAME = "CareTeamMember", XMLNAME = "CareTeam", XMLPROJECTION = "COLLECTION");

Property ConfidentialName As %String(MAXLEN = "", XMLNAME = "ConfidentialName");

Property DateOfBirth As %String(MAXLEN = "", XMLNAME = "DateOfBirth");

Property EmergencyContacts As list Of Patient.EmergencyContact(XMLITEMNAME = "EmergencyContact", XMLNAME = "EmergencyContacts", XMLPROJECTION = "COLLECTION");

Property EmploymentInformation As Patient.EmploymentInformation(XMLNAME = "EmploymentInformation");

Property EthnicGroup As %String(MAXLEN = "", XMLNAME = "EthnicGroup");

Property HistoricalIDs As list Of Patient.IDType(XMLITEMNAME = "IDType", XMLNAME = "HistoricalIDs", XMLPROJECTION = "COLLECTION");

Property HomeDeployment As %String(MAXLEN = "", XMLNAME = "HomeDeployment");

Property IDs As list Of Patient.IDType(XMLITEMNAME = "IDType", XMLNAME = "IDs", XMLPROJECTION = "COLLECTION");

Property MaritalStatus As %String(MAXLEN = "", XMLNAME = "MaritalStatus");

Property Name As %String(MAXLEN = "", XMLNAME = "Name");

Property NameComponents As Patient.NameComponents(XMLNAME = "NameComponents");

Property NationalIdentifier As %String(MAXLEN = "", XMLNAME = "NationalIdentifier");

Property Race As Patient.q1.ArrayOfstring(XMLNAME = "Race");

Property Rank As %String(MAXLEN = "", XMLNAME = "Rank");

Property Sex As %String(MAXLEN = "", XMLNAME = "Sex");

Property Status As %String(MAXLEN = "", XMLNAME = "Status");

Thank you for your time

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Can you also post OnResponse1 method of FCH.BPL.PATWISJSONEPICXML.Context class?

Method OnResponse1(process As Ens.BusinessProcess, context As Ens.BP.Context, request As EnsLib.REST.GenericMessage, response As EnsLib.REST.GenericMessage, callrequest As FCH.Request.PatientLookupRequest, callresponse As FCH.Response.PatientLookupResponse, callname As %String) As %Status [ Language = cache, PublicList = (process, context) ]
 Set $ZT="Trap",status=$$$OK do {
 Set status=context.ReturnedIds.SetAt(callresponse.PatientLookupResult.Patients.IDs.ID,1)
 If $$$ISERR(status) Quit
 while (0)
Exit Quit status
Trap Set $ZT="",status=##class(Ens.Util.Error).EnsSystemError("FCH.BPL.PATWISJSONEPICXML.Thread1","OnResponse1")
 Goto Exit

Second line should be:

Set status=context.ReturnedIds.SetAt(callresponse.PatientLookupResult.Patients.GetAt(1).IDs.GetAt(1).ID, 1)

You need to modify your BP definition to something like this:

<assign property="context.ReturnedIds" value="callresponse.PatientLookupResult.Patients.GetAt(1).IDs.GetAt(1).ID" action="set" key="1"/>

To copy all IDs for all patients you'll need to iterate over results.

That worked

<response type='FCH.Response.PatientLookupResponse>
<assign property="context.ReturnedIdsvalue="callresponse.PatientLookupResult.Patients.GetAt(1).IDs.GetAt(1).IDaction="set" key="1/>

Now I have to work on the response with multiple Patients.