Sean Connelly · Sep 12, 2018

How many InterSystems product developers are there worldwide?

I know we have nearly 5000 members on the DC site, but not even sure if this is a majority share or a minority share.

Anyone have a good guesstimate?


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Hi Sean! Moved the discussion to the Other group.

4,800+ are the registered members, stats. We also have about 20,000 unique DC visitors monthly.

From them we have about 3,000 visitors who come directly to the site - so we can assume as "real" developers who reads/writes on DC daily. But this touches only the English world.  And not all of them know about DC. 

My evaluation is 10,000-15,000 developers worldwide.

E.g. last the IT Planet contest in Russia this year gathered 2,400 participants for InterSystems contest (mostly students). Should we count students as developers? Today maybe not, but tomorrow... 

Thanks Evgeny, probably sounds about right.

I would hazard a guess then that upwards of 0.1% of developers worldwide use Caché in one shape or form.

It's interesting to compare that to the last stackoverflow survey...

especially since some of those at the bottom of the list are developed on top of Hadoop, opens up some ideas for what could be possible on top of the IRIS Hadoop platform.

On a side note, how about an annual DC survey? Would give some fascinating insights.