· Nov 5, 2016

How to log out from a web application?


The question I have today is the next. Suppose I have this simple class describing the REST application:

Class Playground.Rest Extends %CSP.REST

XData UrlMap
   <Route Url="/index" Method="GET" Call="Index"/>
   <Route Url="/logout" Method="GET" Call="Logout"/>

ClassMethod Index() As %Status
write "You're logged in as " _ $Username
quit $$$OK

ClassMethod Logout() As %Status
write "Bye, " _ $Username _ "!"
do %session.Logout(1)
quit $$$OK



And a web application itself with the password protection option enabled:

When I come to the /playground/index page at first, Caché meets me with an authentication window, asking to enter my username and a password. The next time I come to this page, it gently outputs You're logged in as _SYSTEM message as expected.

Talking about the /playground/logout page, I expect it to log me out, and allow to enter the web application from a different user. But this doesn't happen. Furthermore, I am wondering why clearing browser's cache doesn't log me out either.

So is there a way to log me out from Caché web application, and what am I missing here? (related discussion on GitHub)

Cache 2017.2 for Windows (x64) as well as other versions, local installation, minimal security

Thank you!

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i am using curl with basic-auth and this seems to work for me:

curl -v -u _SYSTEM:<password> http://localhost:<port>/playground/index

Every request results in new session. The same for logout request.

I assume that the client browser remains the first http-basic-auth credentials and reusing it for the second (logout) request as well.

If i skip the basic-auth in curl request for the logout i will get 401 Unauthorized which is expected.


Thanks to Bernd, I finally found that this is not a Caché sessions unexpected behavior, the reason is in the browser's basic authentication cache.

To clear the browser's cache, here is one "dirty" solution for this: stackoverflow (and probably the only solution). The JavaScript function sends the wrong login/password authentication request to the server, and it results as 401 Unauthorized error. And this forces browser to clear its cache.