· Feb 12, 2016

How to handle large reponses with SOAP.OutboundAdapter


We do have a production including a SOAP.OutboundAdapter that make a request to a .NET WCF Service. The response from that service vary in size. When it come to large one, we talk about maybe 8000 records (with 6-8 attributes per record) in xml, the adapter always give a timout. Even if we put a high number of seconds or set -1. After 1 1/2h still nothing get back. It's just standing there and waiting for ever.

Our .NET developer have look at it (on the WCF-service)  and from ther point of view they say that it seems like Ensemle can't handle such big responses.

In .Net it.s possible to put the property "maxReceivedMessageSize" when they expecting large size responses.

Is it possible to do the same in ensemble or is it another best practise to solve this problem?

Sincerely, Michael Lundberg

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Hi and thanks for answer.

No i can't find any <STORE> exceptions in the trace.  Actually everythings goes fine from service->process->operation. It just stuck there after the request. Messagestate for process is "Delivered"

I have also checked the processes in system operation/processes and all processes for current namespace are in state of EVTW.

The Net.HttpRequest process in state of READ


However it might  be a memory problem as you think and we have to check it out