Cathy Sun · Nov 9

How to get max waiting time grouped by skillset

Hi, I am new to InterSystems database. I am developing an application to display real time skillset statistic data, including max waiting time per skillset. I have access to the database through ODBC, using InterSystems ODBC driver. But I don't know from which table or view to get real time data of maximum waiting time per skillset. I appreciate any advices.

Product version: IRIS 2020.2
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What do you mean by skillset data? Do you have an idea of what tables you are working with (other than the waiting time)?

Hello Vic,

Thanks for the quick response. I am working AVAYA Intersystem cache database. There are a bunch of views that I am working with, such as eCallByCallStatYYYYMMDD, eCSRStat.. I don't know how to get max waiting time based on skillset.

Ah - I think you might get more help with this from Avaya directly, as probably most people on this forum don't know how their application is set up.