Roman Nekrasov · Nov 24, 2017

how to find out ^DBREST database restore operation progress

Hi everyone!

I'm restoring big database (1.8 Tb) from full backup to another host.

This host is weak (4Cpu 4GB RAM), so ^DBREST already works for 50 hours.

Is it possible to view restore process progres? I would like to know what  time it will take to complete?


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At last, restore is completed.

239076639 blocks restored in 228952.9 seconds for this pass, 239076639 total restored.

Thanks for reply.

During the restoration of database my cache system is in "exclusive mode", because I answered "Yes" on step:

Do you want to set switch 10 so that other processes will be
prevented from running during the restore? Yes =>

thus i'am unable to connect to database

[cacheusr@*******]$ csession cache
Access to database inhibited.  Press Ctrl/C to exit.

Next time I'll chose "No" and try your solution.

Hi John and Roman,

Although the answer is accepted, it seems that JOBEXAM can only help recognize that DBREST is still running, so the initial question about the completion time expectations would hardly be answered this way.

Roman, only your previous experience can help answering your question. BTW, "weakness" of your host as you described it can't be a reason of slow DB restoration as DBREST is single-threaded utility and mostly i/o bound one. The reasons for slowing DBREST down are usually: slow disk subsystem and/or slow LAN connection to network resource where .cbk files are stored.

Entry level SAS RAID and 1000BaseT LAN usually provide 40-50MB/s speed on DB restoration.

You might have been able to monitor progress by running the JOBEXAM utility from another session connected to the %SYS namespace.