· Mar 13, 2017

How to filter two widgets in DeepSee New_Window command?


There is a 'New_window' control in DeepSee Widget which opens the page in a new tab in a browser with a given URL.

With the help of this control you can open another dashboard and supply some parameters in SETTINGS clause.

Consider  I can setup in Dash1 the URL like: 

_DeepSee.UserPortal.DashboardViewer.zen?DASHBOARD=Postings.dashboard&SETTINGS=TARGET:W1;FILTER: [Author].[H1].[Author].%26[$$$VALUELIST]

to filter the widget W1 in Postings dashboard with filter [Author].[H1].[Author].%26[$$$VALUELIST], where $$$VALUELIST is some value from the listing in a widget in Dash1.

How can I spread the filter for two or more widgets?

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Unfortunately, from what I can tell, it does not seem like we parse the TARGET setting. This means that if you want to apply the setting to multiple Widgets, you will need to create multiple SETTINGS parameters


This being said, if you want the setting applied to ALL widgets, removing TARGET will apply the setting to all widgets. You can also set TARGET=* to apply to all widgets as well.