· Jun 19, 2018

How do I syncronize/update iKnow domain

I have iKnow domain with 1 source, 1 data and 1 metadata fields. Source is a table.

Let's say individual rows are immutable, but new rows are added after the domain is built.

How do I add them to domain?

In  %SYSTEM.iKnow class IndexTable method is available:

classmethod IndexTable(pDomainName As %String, pTableName As %String, pIdField As %String, pGroupField As %String, pDataField As %String, pMetaFields As %List = "", pWhereClause As %String = "", pConfig As %String = "") as %Status

Assuming I have a table App.Text with fields:

  • ID - primary key
  • Text - text data
  • Views - metadata (same name in table and domain)

And for domain, named MyDomain - how do I call this method? How do I match metadata?

set sc=##class(%SYSTEM.iKnow).IndexTable("MySomain", "App.Text", "ID", "ID", "Text", $lb("Views"), "ID > 100")
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