Eduard Lebedyuk · Feb 9, 2017

How do I make my ZEN component (DeepSee portlet) available everywhere?

I created a new class DSW.Addons.htmlViewer:

Class DSW.Addons.htmlViewer Extends %DeepSee.Component.Portlet.abstractPortlet

Property Data As %String;

ClassMethod %OnGetPortletSettings(Output pInfo As %List, ByRef pSettings) As %Status
    Kill pInfo
    Set pInfo(1) = $lb("Data", , , "Data", "Data setting")
    Quit $$$OK

It's a ZEN component and DeepSee portlet. It's immediately available in the namespace I created it in. DSW package is mapped to %ALL and to Samples, but if I try to create a widget with this portlet I get ZEN class not found error.

I need to go to SAMPLES and compile my class there to generate js file.

How do I avoid it? I want to compile it once and use everywhere.

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Add this parameter to class:


You need js code for Zen component to be placed into CSP/broker. It's a library folder for javascript code fo CSP apps.