How do I create a new class in a sub-package in Atelier?

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Hi -

I've been trying to create a "sub packaged class" (i.e. TopPackage.SubPackage.Classname) but the current version of the "New Class Wizard" doesn't seem to allow me to do this.

If I try to specify a \project\subdirectory in the "Project" or I try to specify a Package.Subpackage form in the "Package", or I try to specify "Subpackage.Classname" in the "Class Name" they ALL fail to give me a "next" or "finish" button that works (the buttons stay greyed out)

In the  case of the multi-level project, it tells me that the class name can't be empty, in the other two cases, the wizard says I can't use a "/" or "-" or "." in the value

How SHOULD I be able create a subpackage class?

(as a work around, I created the class in Studio, then copied it via Atelier's Server Explorer interface into my project, and that works fine, but clearly isn't the right way to do this) 


Hi Chip,

You should be able to specify "TopPackage.SubPackage" in the "Package" field. I just tested it and it worked fine. What version are you using? Can you take a screenshot please?



Hi -

I see my problem, I was being over sensitive to the feedback in the wizard ("Package Contains Invalid Dot Syntax"), and had I just continued with the rest of the "sub-package" naming, everything would have worked fine.

Maybe revise the message to read "Package name can contain dots but cannot start or end with a dot", or something similar.