Chip Gore · May 12, 2016

How do I create a new class in a sub-package in Atelier?

Hi -

I've been trying to create a "sub packaged class" (i.e. TopPackage.SubPackage.Classname) but the current version of the "New Class Wizard" doesn't seem to allow me to do this.

If I try to specify a \project\subdirectory in the "Project" or I try to specify a Package.Subpackage form in the "Package", or I try to specify "Subpackage.Classname" in the "Class Name" they ALL fail to give me a "next" or "finish" button that works (the buttons stay greyed out)

In the  case of the multi-level project, it tells me that the class name can't be empty, in the other two cases, the wizard says I can't use a "/" or "-" or "." in the value

How SHOULD I be able create a subpackage class?

(as a work around, I created the class in Studio, then copied it via Atelier's Server Explorer interface into my project, and that works fine, but clearly isn't the right way to do this) 

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Hi Chip,

You should be able to specify "TopPackage.SubPackage" in the "Package" field. I just tested it and it worked fine. What version are you using? Can you take a screenshot please?



Hi -

I see my problem, I was being over sensitive to the feedback in the wizard ("Package Contains Invalid Dot Syntax"), and had I just continued with the rest of the "sub-package" naming, everything would have worked fine.

Glad to hear, Chip!

- Joyce

Maybe revise the message to read "Package name can contain dots but cannot start or end with a dot", or something similar.