prashanth ponugoti · Jan 10

How to develop SOAP webservice from WSDL

Hey Developers,

We have a requirement to develop SOAP webservice from existing wsdl. Consumers are currently consuming existing soap webservice exposed by other provider.

We need to implement same SOAP service in ensemble as consumers should not see any difference except endpoint url.

Here we need to develop SOAP service form existing WSDL, which is possible in java. Is it possible in ensemble?

Could you please give me some hints to way forward.



Product version: Ensemble 2017.1
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Hi Prashanth,

There is a 'Add-In' in Studio that will allow you to do this.
From within Studio select Tools => Add-In, then add the 'SOAD Wizard' madd-in.
Once the 'SOAP Wizard' has been added, run it from the same path, i.e. Tools => Add-Ins'