Muhammad Waseem · Sep 4, 2021

How to delete class from cache upon deleting from visual studio?


I have created new class in VSCode and upon saving it also saved in Cache DB but when I am deleting from VSCode it is not deleting from Cashe DB. How can I remove both class together?


Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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Yes, when you created a new class, it is just a file on your local disk. When you saved it, VSCode caught this action, and sent it to the server, and compiled it. But deleting this file, not a reason to do the same on the server.

You can delete class with Explorer view, there you may find any classes, that are stored on the server. By context menu you can Delete the item on the server, or Export it to get the local version. Icons close to class names, the same as in File Explorer view, may indicate the connection to your local file.

The basic VS Code extension for ObjectScript doesn't manage deletions at all.  You have to manually delete them on the server.

You can however use the Serenji extension which does manage deletions properly.  You can read more about it here:  or just install it from the VS Code marketplace.