· Jan 19, 2018

How to create productions via routine

Hi All,

I am trying to create a production from a script(routine). 

I am using the below way to create an empty production

Set oProd=##class(Ens.Config.Production).%New()
Set oProd.Name="Test.NewProduction"
Set oProd.ActorPoolSize=1
Set status=oProd.%Save()

But when i tried to start the production, i am getting an error as "Test.NewProduction" class does not exists. 

Is there any other way to create the production via routine or terminal using commands as above?

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Why would you want to do that?

Here's sample production class:

Class Test.Production Extends Ens.Production

XData ProductionDefinition
<Production Name="Test.Production" TestingEnabled="true" LogGeneralTraceEvents="true">


Ens.Config.Production serialized is XData ProductionDefinition and not the class itself.

To create production class automatically you need to:

  1. Create %Dictionary.ClassDefinition object for your test production
  2. Create Ens.Config.Production object
  3. Create %Dictionary.XDataDefinition
  4. Serialize (2) into (3)
  5. Insert XData (3) into (1)
  6. Save and compile (1)

Hi @Raja Mohan and @Haitem El Aaouani 

Bellow a sample method

ClassMethod CreatProdution(package As %String = "test", name As %String = "AutoCreatedProduction") As %Status
  #Dim produtionClassName As %String = package _ "." _ name
  If ('$ZName(produtionClasName, 4))
  Return $System.Status.Error(5001, "Invalid Production package or name.")
  // Create empty production class definition
  #Dim productionDefinition As %Dictionary.ClassDefinition = ##Class(%Dictionary.ClassDefinition).%New()
  Set productionDefinition.Name         = produtionClassName
  Set productionDefinition.Super        = "Ens.Production"
  Set productionDefinition.ClassVersion = 25
  // Create the XData definition
  #Dim xdataDefinition As %Dictionary.XDataDefinition = ##Class(%Dictionary.XDataDefinition).%New()
  Set xdataDefinition.Name = "ProductionDefinition"
  Do xdataDefinition.Data.WriteLine("<Production Name="""produtionClassName"""/>")
  // Insert XData Definition into Production Definition
  Do productionDefinition.XDatas.Insert(xdataDefinition)
  #Dim statusCode As %Status = productionDefinition.%Save()
  If ($System.Status.IsError(statusCode))
  Return statusCode
  // Compile the production class
  Set statusCode = $System.OBJ.Compile(produtionClassName,"k-d")
  If ($System.Status.IsError(%Dictionary.XDataDefinition))
  Return statusCode
  // fill in production:
  #Dim production As Ens.Config.Production = ##Class(Ens.Config.Production).%OpenId(produtionClassName)
  If ('$IsObject(production))
  Return $System.Status.Error(5001, "Unable to open new production: " _ produtionClassName)
  Set production.Name           = produtionClassName
  Set production.ActorPoolSize  = 2
  // save production (and item), update production class and account for Source Control
  Return ##Class(EnsPortal.Template.prodConfigSCPage).CallProductionUpdateAndSaveToClass(production,"","SaveProduction")