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How to connect InterSystems with Quarkus 3.0 version

Can you please any one assist me for How to connect with the InterSystems IRIS in Java(Quarkus) version 3.0. 

Product version: IRIS 2023.2
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In theory you are all set. Just take for example the dockerfile.

You can also read the pom.xml file to take some insperation.

For example take a look how the jdbc driver is added to the project.


To sum up, you need obviously the jdbc drive (you have one in the repo), the hibernate dialect, you also have one in the repo, for the hibernete dialet you can also have a look to the article of yuri :

Have fun with Iris and quarkus.

Hello Dmitry Maslennikov,

It's really helpful to learn how to connect IRIS with Quarkus, especially for real-world applications.

However, I encountered an issue while using your application and adding a new column. The data type for that column is Enumeration, and I annotated it with @Enumerated(EnumeratedType.STRING). Unfortunately, I'm unable to create the table due to a DDL issue. I have attached the code snippet and error image below:



Can you help me fix this problem and solve it?
Thank you for your assistance.

Yes, Dmitry Maslennikov

We don't use CHECK constraint, by default Hibernate will generate this query. I don't know it has some issues in dialect file. It has become a mandatory requirement for us to use Enums in our application. I'm unsure why this functionality isn't achievable in Quarkus versions 3 and above. We previously achieved this in Quarkus version 2, and it worked seamlessly with other databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL. However, I'm puzzled as to why I can't annotate Enum types in the IRIS database.

Can you please tell us if is there any possible way to achieve it? 

Thanks in advance.