Manoj K · Mar 9, 2017

How to Change Redirect Url in OAuth2 implementation?

I tried to implement the Oauth2 in google,

I got authentication, But I unable to read response class.

I got an error as:

I unable to change response Class.

Anyone help me to Change response Class in Client Configuration


Is there any option to define response URL manually?


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You need to configure https in your web server.

Can you please show screenshots or links?

I use default web server has been used by Management Portal.

You need to configure any external web server for Windows or Linux.

After that you need to add https to this web server.

You should never do that.  That is a stripped down version of apache which should only be used for the Management Portal.  You need to install your own full web server

Hi Manoj

did you manage to make this configuration work?

if ok, can you tell me how did you do?