· Feb 17, 2016

How can we customize the Excel content exported from the Analyzer/Dashboard ?

A customer needs to add lines in the Excel sheet before the MDX resultset content.

Is there a more elegant/convenient way than modifying %DeepSee.UI.MDXExcel methods ?

Thanks in advance.


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Thank you Daniel.

Actually I've found another way to do it without modifying any % classes !

1. using Studio, create a class which inherits from "%DeepSee.UI.MDXExcel" ; ie : "MDX.export.cls"

2. overwrite in MDX.export.cls what you need to modify to fit your expected rendering in the appropriate methods : 

OnPage, %PrintListingResult, or %PrintResults ...

3. in your DeepSee dashboard,  

replace the  Export Excel parameter of your widget, corresponding to this line in our .dashboard.DFI definition : 

<property name="excel">1</property>

by a new navigate control which calls your MDX.export class :

<control name="" action="navigate" target="*" targetProperty="./MDX.export.zen?MDX=...mdx query..." location="widget" type="auto" controlClass="" label="Export Excel" title="" value="" text="" readOnly="false" valueList="" displayList="" activeWhen="">

NB: to retrieve all the parameters of the targetProperty (MDX, FILTERNAMES, FILTERVALUES, TITLE, ... ) , you just have to first run the native Excel Export and then copy the link by using the Downloads view of your browser.

WARNING : the targetProperty length is limited to 250 characters

Hi, Sylvian!

We used another approach to this problem and find solution which our customers use in production.

Customers wanted sophisticated excel reports from DeepSee. Thay alredy had hundreds of predefined reports in form of Excel.

What we do:

1. Transform this standard Excel reports into excel-xml(save Excel as xml) templates with XSLT variables inside.

2. Programmaticaly run reports in DeepSee, parse the result and perform XSLT transformation under excel-xml templates and data from DeepSee. You can use for this either %DeepSee.ResultSet or %DeepSee.REST.API or MDX2JSON.

3. Get the ready to use Excel reports with data from DeepSee in excel-xml form.

Here are some code examples, presentation and workthrough which are mostly in Russian (except COS).

Hope it helps.