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For your embedding question, there are a number of URL parameters (eg: EMBED=1) that controls what the user can do in the User Portal. The EMBED parameter is the most complete where users are not allowed to modify any dashboard definitions and none of the navigation is available, designed precisely for your use case. You can test this directly when you are looking at the DashboardViewer to get the settings you like best. 
The complete list of those parameters is here:

Delegated authentication would be part of the overall security login configuration. The key here is that whatever role gets assigned will need %DeepSee_Portal to e able to use the DashboardViewer. The overview of delegated authentication is here:

Depending on your particular security model it might be worth contacting the WRC to confirm you have the login set up correctly.

Hello Lee, The error you are seeing here is actually coming from failed evaluation of the CURRENTMEMBER, which is probably having trouble finding the correct context imposed by the NOW-x in the background.

What version was this in?

As mentioned previously, there was a known issue in the handoff to background processing that has been corrected which might be the solution to your situation. I would recommend filing this with the WRC in order to investigate your options in more detail. Generically speaking, everything you are quoting regarding the NOW syntax specifically should be supported, including references with or without the ampersand and the use of LAG/LEAD/PREVMEMBER/etc functions hung off the NOW references.

The best practice is to include a registry export in the same deployment package as all of the cubes that registry contains. That way your portable file is always consistent even if development of the cubes continues.

Once the registry is imported and compiled, use the API

  Set status = ##class(%DeepSee.CubeManager.Utils).SetActiveRegistry(className,mustExist)

Direct set of the global will not actually create the updater tasks that do the actual work of managing the automated updates, and the actual location of that global is considered internal and could be subject to change without warning.  This API will be maintained for backward compatibility.

If the flag

  mustExist = 1 

is set then the registry must be compiled and ready before the system will create the updater tasks. This is the default behavior. If 

  mustExist = 0

and className does not exist, then a new registry will be created and can then be edited in the Cube Registry UI. 

All of the task management is done for you automatically when the registry is saved from the Cube Registry page.

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