· Jun 9, 2023

how can i setup git repo and run it into a local IRIS system in mac.

I have a repository on github. I wanna setup that repo into my local IRIS instance and also I want to work on different branch and commit those back to the same repo. 
Please help me through this. 
I also have a .DAT file which i think contains code and data and not .git folder. So how can i sync that to my git repo for further development.

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Have you read through the documentation

If you are using client-side editing, the ObjectScript extension doesn't know what git branch you are on. Check out a branch using git, and the ObjectScript extension will use those files. Your client-side source control activities are separate from your ObjectScript development activities (once again, if you are using client-side ObjectScript editing). .DAT files can also be managed in source control with the proviso that GitHub has a limit on how big files can be if you're using a free account.