How can I expose the class documentation to a third party developer

A third party developer has asked for access to the documentation of my classes so he can understand my tables/classes better.

  • How do I give access the the documentation of my classes (single namespace)  and secondary, do I need to give  him access to %system. (and others)
  • Is it possible to block the likes of ensemble, Iknow, deepSee etc. I don't use those, and I don't want him to waste time (and my money) exploring areas that simply not necessary
  • what privilege roles do I need to give him  whilst still maintaing security.


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Suggested solution:

#1 create a ROLE with resources DOCBOOK (Readonly) + the required Nmaspaces

#2 remove required resources %Development from web application  /csp/documatic

 #3 next create a user with  the new defined role (here: "docread")

I decided not to give %Development as it could allow access to terminal prompt.


Robert, thats something I can do quickly and safely, thanks for the instructons and the screen shots.

'll set it up tomorrow morning, and gif it a try.

Looks ike a great answer.


Hi, Kevin!

I can advise trying Caché Class Explorer which exposes packages, classes, methods with code and interactively points to classes documentation on a given server and can be used to solve your task in my opinion.

Pinging @Nikita Savchenko to provide more information.