· Mar 5, 2021

How can I export .cls files as .xml using vscode objectscript extension?


When I'm using Cache Studio and save and compile some .cls file, it automatically generates the .xml file:


How can I have the same behavior  in Vscode, when I use the export command:



This are my Vscode configs:



any help will be most welcome


thank you

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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When we save classes in studio or VSCode the files are automatically saved inside cache as well as the dev's local master folder.  This is setup using TortoiseSVN.  Based on Dmitriy's comment I imagine the export as .CLS.xml is setup via this source control setup, TortoiseSVN, instead of the way my individual settings are setup in VSCode.  Here are my settings for reference:

Since 2016.2 there are no reasons to keep storing source code in XML. Even in transition process, I would recommend to store codebase based on the lowest supported version of platform.

Cache and IRIS able to export and import source code in UDL format, as seen in VSCode. 

If you would stay with XML format just because you’d like to keep history consistent, it can be solved by converting entire history in the like it was always in UDL.