How to Automatically Test DeepSee Pivots and Dashboards?

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Hi, colleagues!

Suppose you have large set of cubes, pivots and dashboards in your DeepSee solution.

Then you  change the level, measure or dimension in the cube and is there any way to test that your new input didn't  break current pivots, dashboards, etc?

How to test this?

How do you test your DeepSee solutions?


Here's a few thoughts:

  1. Get list of pivots
  2. For each
    • Get MDX
    • Try to execute MDX
    • If it fails, record the error
  3. Aggregate/display errors

Should be doable. DeepSee API has all the required functions.

Hi, Ed! Thanks!

I was looking if we have something "out-of-the box" for DeepSee pivots and dashes testing. 

Yes, I think it would work for pivots. We have dashboards also. Any thoughts?

Raising this again.

Suppose I changed how dimension A works. 

How do I sure that none of the pivots were broken because of the change?

Yes, I can manually run all the pivots I have. But maybe somebody did a class for that?