· Oct 3, 2019

How to accurately identify Ensemble Namespace

Hi All,


We have a licensed version of Ensemble but for now, we use only the DB capabilities of Cache. As we create a custom Namespace, for e.g "Test", a new Ensemble Namespace is automically created by the system --"TestENS".

Is there any way where we can identify the system created ENS namespaces ?

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Hello Sachin,

Can you provide the version of your product from the about page in the management portal or "w $zv" from the terminal? This behavior varies across versions so you can probably find more information in the relevant version of our documentation.

Also, please be clear about whether you are referring to namespaces or databases.

This documentation may be what you are referring to:

Where Ensemble Stores Temporary Data

Hi Sachin,

I wanted to add on to Vic's answer. I agree that it would be good to clarify whether you are talking about the temp databases that get created or Ensemble enabled namespaces. The link to our documentation that Vic supplied is great and offers information on database creation in Ensemble, but if you are trying to determine if a namespace is Ensemble enabled, you might find the following class method helpful: