Chip Gore · Jun 20, 2018

HL7v2.x question: Where should depression screening information go?

Hi -

I'm working on a project that will be dealing with depression screening and I'm not certain where any of this information would belong in the HL7v2.x world.

Can anyone suggest what the proper placement of "has this person been screened" and if so, "this was what the screening showed"?

At first thought I was thinking that this is an "Observation" of some sort (and ORU message) for the "what the screening (or perhaps testing) showed", but I'm not sure if the screening was performed yes/no qualifies as an "ordered test".

Just looking for a starting point I guess. Thanks

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What's the use case for this data? What sort of system(s) will it be delivered to? Have you discussed with their vendors how this data might be digested by the downstream applications?