· Oct 29, 2021

HL7 filter out messages that has specific tekst in PID segment

I am relativly new to this, so excuse me if i am asking a dumb question

HL7 schema is 2.4

When a HL7 message comes in and in the PID segment on spot 4 the word "Relation" is written, i want to filter out those messages through a Router Rule.

I have come up with several rules (when conditions), here are some examples.

HL7.{PID:4} CONTAINS "Relation"


HL7.{PID:AlternatePatientIDPID(1).ID} CONTAINS "Relation"

I have tried a lot of different Rules, but no luck yet.

But every time i test a massege what contains the word Relation in de PID segment on spot 4 it states " whens matched...."



What am i doing wrong??



Product version: HealthShare 2020.1
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Thanx, but the spelling is correct, i only translated the word into English, should'nt have done that. 

On the other hand, now you know the Dutch word for Relation. wink

I don't know the sollution you suggest (Objectscript), i will dive into this and see what i can learn.

Any tips on how to begin whit that?

Someone who knows what i am doing wrong in this Rule?