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Jeffrey Fried · Oct 29, 2020

Your questions make us better - live Q&A and Ask the Experts at Virtual Summit

I've been impressed at the quality of the questions at our live Q&A sessions!  

These sessions were meant as a way for you to ask anything you want (I call this playing "stump the chumps").

They're all recorded and available for review later; here're the links:


It's not too late to join the last one live! 

Your questions are read anonymously, so don't hold back…


Email questions to us, too

You can of course continue to email to through the end of the Virtual Summit.


Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts is a great way to go deeper on any subject you want.  Book a meeting with an expert or trainer for Oct 30th or Nov 2nd!


We'll also be using these questions to improve our communications, documentation, and products.  Thanks for your help!

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