· Sep 25, 2020

[help]SNMP Service can't connect with Caché SNMP agent(failed to open C:\InterSystems\Ensemble\mgr\snmpext.dat)

Whenever the Windows SNMP Service restarts, the snmpdbg log says the following.  

16:58:25 :Debug tracing enabled for SNMP agent
16:58:25 :SnmpExtensionInit called, pid=4432, tid=12276
16:58:25 :CreateEvent for CacheSNMPTrap suceeded
16:58:25 :register Cache OID
16:58:25 :Get all Cache configs ... 16:58:25 :found 1 configs
16:58:25 :Add ENSEMBLE config to list ... 
16:58:25 :RegOpenKey for SOFTWARE\InterSystems\Cache\Configurations\ENSEMBLE\Properties
16:58:25 :Open config file c:\intersystems\ensemble\cache.cpf
16:58:25 :Config port = 1972, SNMP-capable = 1
16:58:25 : sorted (end) as index[0]
16:58:25 :RegOpenKey for mgr dir SOFTWARE\InterSystems\Cache\Configurations\ENSEMBLE\Directory
16:58:25 :Open ExtApp file C:\InterSystems\Ensemble\mgr\snmpext.dat
16:58:25 :Unable to open ExtApp file C:\InterSystems\Ensemble\mgr\snmpext.dat - error 2
16:58:25 :Found 1 configs which support SNMP
16:58:25 :Config 0, index=8-ENSEMBLE, port=1972, extapp=0
16:58:25 :No Service Firewall Rules necessary for Version 6.1
16:58:25 :Attempting initial TCP connection(s) with 1 Cache instances ...
16:58:25 :Get connection with ENSEMBLE on port 1972
16:58:25 :Sending data ... 14 bytes
16:58:25 :Sending data ... 20 bytes
16:58:25 :Read from TCP port 16:58:25 : 28 bytes read
16:58:25 :Error code 267 in RESPONSE-PDU from ENSEMBLE
16:58:25 :Error response from Cache instance ENSEMBLE 'requestDenied', make sure $$start^SNMP has been run.
16:58:25 :Cache iscsnmp.dll initialized for 1 configs
16:58:25 :SnmpExtensionInitEx called, pid=4432, tid=12276
16:58:25 :register Ensemble OID
16:58:25 :SnmpExtensionInitEx called, pid=4432, tid=12276
16:58:25 :register TrakCare OID
16:58:25 :SnmpExtensionInitEx called, pid=4432, tid=12276
16:58:25 :Extension list starts at 0: 0,0,0
16:58:25 :end of extension list at 10

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Hi Han,

Is the problem you are seeing that you can't set up SNMP with Caché? The error you pointed out is most likely Windows error 2 file not found. Does the referenced file exist? Perhaps the permissions are incorrect.

Maybe this error is not the important one, as after that it seems startup continues until we see the following:

16:58:25 :Error response from Cache instance ENSEMBLE 'requestDenied', make sure $$start^SNMP has been run.

Has $$start^SNMP been run? You can find  setup/troubleshooting steps in the documentation here:

Monitoring Caché Using SNMP

One set of errors that stood out to me is:

09/25/20-15:45:16:790 (9924) 1 SNMP server failed to start: 0,Error (2) signaling Windows SNMP Service; check Service is installed/started.
09/25/20-15:54:17:010 (8972) 1 Error reading from SNMP port, Windows SNMP Service may have terminated connection.

I'd recommend reviewing the documentation I linked for some other suggestions, but I'd start by trying to verify that snmp works at the Windows level, separate from Caché.