· Jul 15, 2021

Help required for Browser Support for VS Code Extension

Hi All,

We wanted to implement SSO(Single Sign On) flow from VSCode plugin to web application. In order to do this we need to launch new browser from VSCode (typescript code) and open application URL in this new browser. When trying to achieve this by using WebView  we are getting - X-frame-options issue and mentioning it is set as same origin. We have tried setting 'Content-Security-Policy' as well but not able to launch application in browser.

If anybody has worked on WebView to open another application URL in WebView or any other way where we can open application in browser from VSCode plugin  and return back to VSCode please let us know.


If i open my application using and after authentication can i return authentication code back to VSCode so that using that auth code i can do further processing using VSCode plugin

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