Kesav Kumar Kolla · Oct 29, 2022

Healthshare on kubernetes


I'm thinking to deploy healthshare using kubernetes. Has any one done this before? How will the TCP listeners in healthshare work with kubernetes? Will they automatically create a service endpoint so that I can route traffic?

Please advise me on how to think about this.


Product version: HealthShare 2020.2
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I see no reasons why it would not work. What about ports, in that case, you would need to add services for each listening port, that's how Kubernetes works, nothing special for Healthshare.

Currently, product development is working on containerization and kubernetes support for healthshare. It might be worth waiting until it is officially supported.

Any idea what is the timeline for it? Currently I only see IRIS containerization and kubernetes operator is available for IRIS. So today there is no way to containerize/kubernetes way to run Healthshare connect?

Health Connect is containerized already and should have feature parity with InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health.

See here for some examples:

In the iko yaml files, you can change the iris tags to healthconnect and it works seamlessly.

Which HealthShare product do you mean?

I am looking for Healthshare connect (formerly Ensemble) to run on kubernetes.

IRIS For Health has this functionality and it is Kubernetes compatible today