Nicole Febres · Nov 12, 2020

Having trouble within routing rule with filter on discharge date

I am looking to create a routing rule that will do the following:

When transaction is not an A03, and discharge date is valued, do not transform. 

What I am having trouble with is with the conditional for the discharge date {PV1:45}.  Not sure if I can use length here or if I can use HL7.{PV1:45}>0.  I did try that, but its not working.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.





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Since dates are treating as text, you don't have to necessarily ask the length, or size.  Normally, in HL7, you can just test for presence:



Send -> {Business Operation}

This works to send any message not a discharge and containing a date (with or without transformation).

We have used Length many times in Routing rules to check to see if Admit/Discharge date exists. We haven't quite used HL7.{PV1:45} to get the field, we let the system spell it out for us... so instead of HL7.{PV1:45} we allow the system to put it in the nomenclature that it knows the field as.. in this case HL7.{PV1:AdmitDateTime.Time}