· Sep 20, 2021

Google Cloud, SuperServer port 1971?

Hi all,

I'm deploying IRIS for Health on a Google Cloud VM, and I note that the SuperServer port is 1971, rather than good old 1972. Is this as it's supposed to be? I can't see that it's documented anywhere.



Product version: IRIS 2020.3
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Hi Otto,

This appears to be a typo.  I've modified the marketplace listing and republished, which could take a few days to get approved. 

However, since this is a BYOL instance, once deployed it will just give you a VM which contains the IRIS for Health image, but no running container. The '1971' typo means that port 1971 is open to the VM in the firewall, but IRIS does not (yet) have any SuperServer port defined since it is not running. You could either start IRIS on 1971, or you could add a new firewall rule in GCP to open up port 1972 instead, in the meantime.