· Jan 31, 2022

Globals documentation

I have a client with cache instance that is growing by 10-30G/day. In order to determine what is consuming space I ran "DO ^%GSIZE" to generate a report. From the report the bulk of the space consumption is from a couple of globals which appear to be built in globals not user defined. I would like to find documentation that details the function of these globals to help me understand how and why space is being consumed at such a rapid pace. The two globals of immediate concern are STRELPERF and STSRCHAUDIT but If there is reference where globals are defined that would be a useful tool going forward.

Product version: Caché 2017.1
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I trying using the 'Do ^%RFIND' to determine the routines referencing the global. I specified 'STRELPERF' to search for and I stipulated to ignore case. Nothing was found. That doesn't make since since the global is 700+G in size. So I must be doing something incorrect. If they are application specific globals as noted I will again ask the client for details.