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Global Summit 2018: Unconference topics to discuss

Global Summit will happen too soon, and I'm going to be there, as many of you I hope. You should register if still did not do it.

I think it is a good time to prepare for Unconference. I have some ideas about which topics I would like to discuss.

  • Share experience with Docker - Already so long time since InterSystems officially supports Docker, I'm sure many of you already use Docker in some way, so share your good and bad experience.
  • Next IDE/Editor - I think everybody already saw the news about future of Atelier. I would like to speak about other possibilities how we could edit our code in any of InterSystems products. Which IDE as a developer you use mostly with other your programmatic languages, what do you think if you could use the same code editor/IDE for InterSystems ObjectScript as well.
  • Support for OpenSource projects - I think InterSystems could do more for the OpenSource projects. Let's I have some OpenSource projects with some issues, which I would like to solve with WRC, but I can't. Licenses, and so on. Microsoft is a proprietary company and the leader in OpenSource.

What to do you think about my topics? Share your ideas. And see you there.

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Working with Angularb4 etc, Cache serve, json/rest services and especially session handling with different browsers. We make apps for hospitals and the authentication is important, and other security like autologout after certain timeout etc. Now we have big problems, because %session will change the user to other on same browser, but keeping licence id. How to code app, if you don't keep the session. Different CSP app for login, and then transfering securetoken given by Cache server in every request from client?