Ronnie Fish · Apr 28, 2020

Git plugin for Cache Studio

Has anyone recently deployed the cache-git-studio plugin from Github repo?

In particular, I see that this plugin is installed at the namespace level, so it appears for each user have their commits in their own name, they must all be running a locally installed cache server when doing their dev work. I suspect that is the preferred way.

In my organization they are currently just accessing a remote cache server from Studio. In that scenario, it looks like it would be one installation of git for the whole team. and thus only one shared git user.

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The way when used one server and shared git user, not recommended. It actually makes not so much sense when every developer will save his changes like one. 

And instead of Studio, I would recommend now using VSCode-ObjectScript, it already has git support from out of the box, and each developer will work with git separately, so, history will be more clear.

Sounds like your team all work in shared namespace(s) on a Caché server. Server-side source control is the way to go. We just gave a webinar about our Deltanji tool doing exactly this. Watch out for the recording appearing on the Developer Community YouTube channel soon.

Your organization seems to run the traditional centralized approach where a few developers worked
in a rather close contact with each other being informed of any change immediately.
Experiencing all cross-over dependencies on code and data directly.

In a distributed / larger organization this information is poor or missing.
So with more people stirring the same pot of code from remote is a risky exercise.
You are well-advised to have local and separated installations for your developers.

The extra effort is to maintain a common code base  and data set for them.
The advantage is that their changes don't interfere with each other.
The next challenge is to keep test data for them consistent.
This may even be harder to achieve than code consistency and requires  precise maintenance and management.