Marcus Wurlitzer · Apr 21

Git for IRIS - Native Git workflow for the IRIS platform

Hi Developers, I am glad to announce Git for IRIS, my first submission to OpenExchange and part of the current Developer Tools Contest.

Git for IRIS is a source control package that aims to facilitate a native integration of the Git workflow with the InterSystems IRIS platform. It is designed to work as a transparent link between IRIS and a Git-enabled code directory that, once setup, requires no user interaction. A detailed description can be found on GitHub.



I am looking forward to learn what you think about this approach. Does it make sense? Would this help you with establishing a Git-based deployment pipeline? Are there any issues that may have been overlooked?

A ready-to-run docker demo is available on OpenExchange. The application is in a usable proof-of-concept state, with some features still to be implemented. I am happy to receive any feedback from you.

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Thank you for publishing!!

I am curious ... did you start with one of the existing open source Git hooks for ObjectScript or did you start from scratch with this project?

Hi Ben, the project started as a fork of Caché Tortoize Git, which was a good starting point, and initially I intended to change only a few things. As development went on, however, most of the code has been rewritten and I think only 10-20% is left from the original code. There were just too many differences in the basic concepts, including the Globals structure, handling of namespaces and projects, and interaction with Git (hooks -> REST) and Studio (none).

This is really interesting - I've been starting on a similar project with the same starting point.

Got it Marcus - thanks for the history :)

Thank you Marcus, great initiative! Any thoughts about how to manage environment specific variables in the pipeline e.g. different interoperability host configurations for dev / prod?