Harshdeep Acharya · Mar 31, 2022

Getting <INVALID OREF> Error How to Resolve?

Hi Team,

Can you please help with this error as below :

ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <INVALID OREF>zvalidateRequestContent+4 ^FHIRConversion.FHIR.BusinessService.HL7ToFHIRService.1 -- logged as '-'
number - @'
s currObj = ..Adapter.intFaceDao.InterfaceDao.GetAt(..Adapter.currentIndex)'
Harshdeep Acharya
Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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Hi Harshdeep,

The error invalid of is like a Java NullPointerException  or NullReferenceException of .Net.

Check if intFaceDao or InterfaceDaoa are valid objects. Put these macros in you code e execute a test.

$$$LOGINFO("Check intFaceDado " _ ..Adapter.intFaceDao)
 $$$LOGINFO("Check DaoInterfaceDado" _ ..Adapter.intFace.DaoInterfaceDao)

After execution, see in the Envent Log the result.