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Hi.  Without seeing the source code for your production, I would guess that there is an item in your Production for which the associated class does not exist.  When the Production starts, Ens.Director obtains information from for the classes involved, in order to create the jobs and message queues, among other things.

If you can't spot the problematic item from the log, I suggest that you disable all items and begin re-enabling one at a time, and seeing which item is the source for the error.

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That "missing" class is shipped with the Health side of ISC products (ex. IRIS for Health, HealthShare UCR, Health Connect). The fact that it can't be found is somewhat worrisome, but you can narrow this down into 2 main possibilities.

1. the class actually doesn't exist on your instance. I would recommend finding out how that could have happened.

2. the class does exist, but can't be found by the process, potentially because of a namespace / mapping issue. I would take a look at your mappings to see why this class is not available.

Besides those 2 points, a few questions to ask would be: When did this start happening? What changed? Was this class able to be found before?