Ivan Myasnikov · Mar 20, 2019

Get a list of DFI files (IRIS)

Good day.

Can you please tell me how to programmatically get a list of DFI files that have been uploaded to the IRIS server?

Since CacheStudio can do this, it means that you can perform this operation from the code.

For earlier, I thank all who are not indifferent to my problem.

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Well, what do you want to do with that list? Depending on your use case, the solution may differ.

For example to get a list of dashboards execute this query:

FROM %DeepSee_Dashboard.Definition

And to get a list of Pivots execute this one:

FROM %DeepSee_Dashboard.Pivot

And in MDX2JSON project I need to get a list of dashboards visible to the current user.  I use custom result set for that (because user may have access to dashes but not to SQL).

For example, you can export them all to a single file:

SAMPLES>d $system.OBJ.ExportPattern("*.dfi","c:\exportAllDFI.xml",,,"UTF8")

You can get the list as follows (doc):
select Name from %Library.RoutineMgr_StudioOpenDialog('*.dfi')