Peter Kopp · Sep 1, 2016

Fully qualified domain names in a CSPGateWay configuration or zenLink.

Good morning, I have a ZEN application being served up through a CSPGateWay. That ZEN application is made up of two ZEN pages. One ZEN page uses a zenLink to call the other ZEN page(see below #1). The ZEN page that is called contains a tab group with one tab. That tab contains a tif image. I have components on the called ZEN page that execute JavaScript to perform simple image manipulations - zoom and rotate(see below #2). Those simple image manipulations have stopped working. If I load the called ZEN page directly AND use a fully qualified domain name, the simple image manipulations work! Using a fully qualified domain name for the CSPGateWay does not correct the problem. I do not know if this is a CSPGateWay configuration issue or a problem with the zenLink syntax. I look forward to any input and in-sights on this situation. Thank you.



&js<var url zenLink('IPM.ZEN.ImageDisplayTestA01.cls?P1='+'#(tRecId)#'+'&P2='+'#(tableName)#'+'&P3='+'#(tPageCount)#'),'_blank','modal=yes,scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes,toolbar=no,menubar=no,dependent');>



document.getElementById("ImgTab1").getElementsByTagName("img")[0].style.filter "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(rotation="+n+")";

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Hi Peter,
this is very specific issue and hard to say with the information you've provided so far.
Are you sure this is related to Zen/Caché/CSPGateway and not a client-browser issue?

We need more information on this for a further investigation.

What changes are made that makes it stop working?

What client-browser/version you are using, what Caché version on server?

I assume you are using an "old" IE version, right?

The navigation to the #2 page called from #1 does work and loaded correctly?
Only the DXImageTransform did not work as expected in that case?
Calling #2 directly makes it working?

Did you try using IE-Developer-Tools (F12) to inspect and compare page-source and component loadings of both?
Any errors in the console, etc.?

Maybe it's better for you to report this in the WRC, so that support can continue with you on this!?