· Dec 1, 2016

Full migration Helthshare to another PC.

Good afternoon!
I faced a problem with HealthShare complete transfer to another PC. I have on the old computer a lot of interesting developments and test projects, including widgets, developments on DeepSee and other stuff.
Would you please describe the details how one HealthShare installation can be correctly transferred to another PC. And that this should be done.

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The best way would be to transfer the cache.dat of all the namespaces. That would transfer all data , including the code.

Transfer from Com1 to Com2.

Steps :

1. Create same number namespaces in Com2

2. Unmount all databases , in Com1 and Com2

3. Copy all corrosponding Cache.dat to Com2.

4. Mount all databases in Com2.

You are ready to go. Open studio and verify the codes if they are present.